November 2014 Newsletter

The November newsletter features: our upcoming board election; committee reports; crime info; STEM issues at Roosevelt; 15 calendar items; the special connection some East Columbia homes have with the Columbia; and more.

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October 2014 Newsletter

The October newsletter features a board (time to vote!), forum, committees, panels and classes; sheep, chickens, corn, ivy and trees; the latest on the levees; and more.

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September 2014 Newsletter

The September newsletter features: local events; government agencies and citizen groups hoping to hear from you; two very different kinds of classes; latest on wetlands; votes on bylaws in September and board seats in November; and ECNA’s life in the movies.

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August 2014 Newsletter

The August newsletter features: an events calendar; a car prowl alert and prevention tips; eight different ways individuals and small groups can participate in community fun and planning; profiles of kids who grew up with Columbia School and the arboretum and still make East Columbia their home.

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July 2014 Newsletter

The July newsletter celebrates the past: Independence Day; parks and arboretum; ADA; and great work by ECNA members.  It also covers future events: picnic; garage sale; vote on bylaws change; vote on parks bond; and ODOT.  And don’t miss the resources for a better summer.

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