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Life long resident Chris Raymond


Chris Raymond still lives in East Columbia, 66 years after the Vanport Flood.



Type Foundry Open House

You are invited to our local Type Foundry museum on Saturday Nov. 15 and on Dec. 20.

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Annual PEN2 landowner meeting

In the next few days all landowners in PEN2 will be getting  a letter to invite them to the PEN2 annual landowner meeting. This meeting is when landowners elect the board that will set the budget and tax assessments in the coming year and oversee operation of our drainage district. Additionally, there will be reports from staff on major projects and the current budget.

There have been years in the past when not enough landowners attended (representing enough land ownership in the district) to hold elections. Please plan to attend the meeting on December 11 at 6 pm at MCDD.

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