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Jan 30 Land Use Training at Historic Kenton Firehouse

January 30th, 6:00 - 9:00 pm  AGENDA
Historic Kenton Firehouse - 8105 N Brandon
RSVP required by 1/20/17

1.      How to read a zoning map (e.g., what are the possible development scenarios in my neighborhood?) Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about zones and overlays.
2.      How to find information about development happening in the neighborhood
3.      What is a land use review?
4.      What is a demo permit?
5.      Case studies: demo permit notice; early assistance: pre-apps, EAs, DAR; notice of proposal, notice of decision, notice of appeal
If time:
6.      Tutorial on how to use (including how to read a zoning map); navigating the BDS permit web page to find info about a building permit, land use review or other

Please let us know if there are other items you are interested in that are not indicated.

Minimum number to hold the training: 20

Mary Jaron Kelley, Associate Program Director
North Portland Neighborhood Services
Historic Kenton Firehouse
2209 N. Schofield  Portland, OR 97217



Native Planting 2013

Portland State Students and East Columbia Neighborhood Residents banded together to plant 220 native plants and shovel 120 cubic feet of clay, mud and decomposing plant material.

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