About East Columbia -- East Columbia is a very unique neighborhood due to its wetlands, open space and drainage ways combined with residential, industrial, and agricultural uses.



MCDD Open Board Positions

The Peninsula Drainage District #2 and the Sandy Drainage Improvement Company are currently seeking to fill vacant board positions. The next few years will be a particularly important time for the districts as they undertake the investigation, repair, and potential improvement of the levee system that protects a critical portion of the Portland region.

Find more information here.

Board members must be either a landowner in the district or the representative of a land-owning entity.



March 2015 Newsletter

The March newsletter features: Tri-Met open house, land use committee meeting, honorary tree planting information, and more!

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Slough 101

Join the Columbia Slough Watershed Council March 14 for Slough 101, a FREE workshop about the Columbia Slough watershed and its unique story.

Read more: Slough 101

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